Z4root – Download Z4root Apk latest Version For Android 2017

The Android OS has become the most popular mobile OS now in the world. It is the easiest to use, simple to understand for every age group person. But, still, there are so many people in the world who want even more from it. Although we don’t get to edit the OS openly, still there are ways to do that. As it is said, ‘where there is a will there is a way’; so the Rooting process is that solution for editing the OS, getting a 100% administrative control over the Android OS. There are many apps in the market now which perform the task of rooting the mobile.

Z4root APk download
Z4root APk download

One such app is the Z4root apk. It was first developed in the year 2010 by RyanZA. It is one of the earliest one-click rooting apps at that time; today it has become quite popular among the people who like to root their mobiles. This app is supported by a range of Android mobiles and tablets. It is available for free on the various apk websites. The latest version of this app is v1.3.0. It has a higher success ratio than the other rooting apps.

Z4root Apk Download For Android – Latest version 2017

Features of Z4root Apk

  • The process of rooting can be accomplished in just one click as it has that button in it.
  • The rooting via the Z4root is done faster than many other root apps, just very few minutes.
  • There is no need to use a Computer for the rooting process, the Z4root app can directly work on the device itself which is to be rooted.
  • A very high success rate of rooting via the Z4root app.
  • We get an easy option to delete the cache from used apps.
  • It is compatible with almost every version of Android from 2.2.

How to install Z4root APK on Android Phones?

Z4root is not available on the Play Store of Google for obvious reasons. But there are many other websites from where you can easily download it.

1. It is recommended downloading the Z4root apk for Android on the device itself which you want to root. Search for the apk and download it.

2. Now go to the settings of your device, there go to the Applications section. There you have to check the box beside the ‘Unknown Sources’. This is important as without it no app other than that downloaded from the Play Store gets installed on the Device.

3. Now go to the location where the Z4root apk is stored. Click on it and it will get installed.

Some points to consider before you choose to root your mobile. Officially, it is not legal to do rooting to the Android device. The warranty of the device may get void after it has got root access. Rooting is a very advanced operation which may create security and stability issues. It is very necessary to know everything about rooting before doing it.

How to Root Android via the Z4root App?

The process of rooting is very easy through the Z4root app.

Just open the app from the app drawer and press the root button.

That’s it; the rest of the work will be done perfectly by the app.

If you still encounter any problems while doing the rooting process, and if you feel that rooting haven’t been done, then go back into Z4root and press the re-root button.

It is important that either the mobile internet data or the Wi-Fi should be on, as the Z4root app will use the internet while doing the rooting process. Thus, in this way you get a privilege control, root access over your Android device. Now you are free to do almost anything with your Android device, on a developer level. There are many advantages you get with a rooted Android device. They are:

1. The biggest advantage which almost everyone exploits is that you get to install apps which are normally not possible to install, the OS prohibits them.

2. You can install custom ROM in your device.

3. You can boost the speed and the battery life of your device.

4. You can block the annoying ads in pretty much every app.

5. One good advantage is that you can uninstall all the Bloatware which came preinstalled on your device, and which just couldn’t be removed normally. Thus, freeing up valuable space.

6. You can unlock hidden features, tweak almost every function of the device OS.

7. You can flash a custom kernel. Thus, if your device is not updating to the latest Android version, you can do it here.

8. You can do overclocking or underclocking of the CPU of the device.

9. You can take total backups of your Android device; you can also add external storage in it.

10. You can track your Android device even when someone makes a factory reset of it.

Well, all this and more is possible when you install the many Android apps which you normally couldn’t install before. These many specific apps can do so much editing on your Android device. But the Z4root is the king here, as this app itself gave the root access and the permission for the many tweaking apps to get installed. If you can’t get your device rooted using Z4root apk, you can download towel root apk for Android.

Z4root Apk
Z4root Apk

One big point of the Z4root app which many users like is that it also has an un-rooting option in it. You can do it via the Z4root interface, open the app, and click on the unroot button. Your device will become completely like before the rooting process. Another big point the Z4root app has which hardly anyone might know is that it shouldn’t hurt your device in any way. Instead of tearing apart the core databases and performing other complex operations, Z4Root simply changes root binaries. Thus, if something goes wrong, then you don’t have to worry, just reboot the device. Once you have rooted, make use sure you download Android game hacking apps like Xmod Games app for Android to crack any games.



Z4root apk has been the preferred choice of many people wanting to gain administrative privileges over their Android device. The simple UI will make the rooting very easy for you. Among all the rooting apps out there, Z4root fits right up there at the top. It is recommended to use Z4root for hassle-free rooting experience.