Intuitive App

In the essence that you actually want your android device to be rooted, important of you to go for using powerful applications.

Quality Essence

It ensure that you will have nothing to worry about when it looks into the overall factor of creating the rebooting.

Excellent Interface

Z4Root is the only app to ensures that you will be able to get the best possible rooting facility provided for androids.

User Friendly

Step by installation, Clear screen, Neat Layout and absolute root access to each and everything located in android phone.

Ultimate Feature

Z4Root APP makes everything easier after installation complete, would avail for root access at any sort of complex operations.

APP specs

Unlock androids and good bye to limited features, gearup with more smart specification using new version of z4root apk latest version.




What You’re Getting?

Using Z4Root you can safely remove any sort of problems and get more complex operations.

Root access

you will be able to go for rebooting your device,
and each issue shall be fixed,
in case there are any problems during the rooting process.
There is no need for you to worry about any technicalities.


In the entire aspect of the software,
you will be able to get a lot of compatibility with the incompatible devices
, and you will be able to look into a permanent root option.
that is to be found in this particular software.

Backup & Updates

With just a click of the button,
you will be able to download the application,
and it will be able to help you to get a good backup file. wherein all the information will be stored in your android device.
popup's for regular updates.

Screen Shots

Here is the screenshots of Z4Root app that you may find useful for you.
Click on the screens below and you’ll be redirected to those screens and layout of app.


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